Connecting practice and theory in creative enterprise

Located at the threshold of creative praxis and theory…

Chora asks the questions that necessarily sit ahead of the answers.

Chora brings the world of academia to the world of creative practice and, through designed processes of inquiry, reflection and collaboration, supports the articulation of identity and purpose, encouraging an incremental shift from creative practice to creative praxis.

Chora oscilates between academia and creative practice in all its diverse forms, in uncovering the narrative of individual organisations and projecting that narrative into the world, articulating the unique intellectual and creative assets of our clients. Our outputs are tangible and support the positioning and brand of creative entities within a complex and densely populated market.

A few recent case studies

A place of revelation of the as yet unimagined

Chora is dedicated to providing architectural practice an ‘external voice’ that reconnects practice and theory and provides support in praxis, scholarship, and research. Our objective is to inspire, excite, and challenge in order to inform the intellectual platform of individual practice.

‘Chora’ is a concept drawn from the writings of plato; ‘a receptacle of becoming’: Chora is an empathetic space within which the ideas and practice of architecture are revealed and explored.

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