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“The first, and most important, ability you can develop in a flat world is the ability to “learn how to learn” – to constantly absorb, and teach yourself, new ways of doing old things or new ways of doing new things.”

CHORA can support you in a variety of ways:

CHORA can help in a number of ways across two distinct but interconnect elements: MENTORSHIP and SCHOLARSHIP. 

MENTORSHIP provides support to creative practices in revealing practice identity and disseminating that identity across a range of media platforms and also provides an external critical voice in the development of creative processes.

SCHOLARSHIP designs and delivers innovative, challenging and sometimes provocative learning packages to creative practices, schools and colleges.

Whilst each of these elements are described as distinct entities, in practice, they often merge depending upon the demands of the particular challenge encountered 


We work with each of our client to build a bespoke response to their unique requirements. offering a purpose designed package which is unique to the needs of each Client.



CHORA PRAXIS supports creative practices in defining core values and identity and supports the effective dissemination that identity to diverse audiences. We also provide design and design process reviews adopting the role of critical friend.

Case study: PAD Studio Manifesto

CHORA SCHOLARSHIP is dedicated to the design, development and delivery of innovative, challenging, and creative programs of study for within the School and Further Education sectors that enhance resilience and self-confidence in students.

Case study: Project of Glorious Failure

CHORA RESEARCH provides creative practice and education with practical and intellectual support in the development of practice-based research activity, ensuring effective dissemination and optimising impact.

CHORA WRITING provides support and content in the production of the written word, across diverse genres of writing, that is essential to effective communication in our complex contemporary world.

Case study: SAAW Web-Presence

CHORA SCHOLARSHIP IN PRACTICE designs, develops and delivers a portfolio of innovative learning packages designed to inform innovation in creative practice, that takes practice-based learning beyond the traditions of CPD.

Case study: PAD Studio Narratives

Recent case studies


In order to provide bespoke services we offer a pro-bon in Practice consultation that strives to identify Client need, define appropriate CHORA services that respond to this need and a timescale and fee structure.

Within this consultation agreed tangible outcomes will be established. These elements form the basis of a project bid that will capture the scope of the collaboration.

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